How to style borders

add/remove borders

css class description
border Adds borders for all sides.
border-top Adds a top border.
border-right Adds a right border.
border-bottom Adds a bottom border.
border-left Adds a left border.
border-0 Removes borders from all sides.
border-top-0 Removes a top border.
border-right-0 Removes a right border.
border-bottom-0 Removes a bottom border.
border-left-0 Removes a left border.

border color

<div class="border border-primary">
<div class="border border-secondary">
<div class="border border-success">
<div class="border border-danger">
<div class="border border-warning">
<div class="border border-info">
<div class="border border-light">
<div class="border border-dark">
<div class="border border-white">

border radius

css class description
rounded Rounds corners of borders.
rounded-top Rounds top corners of borders.
rounded-bottom Rounds bottom corners of borders.
rounded-left Rounds left corners of borders.
rounded-right Rounds right corners of borders.
rounded-circle Creates a round border. If element has non-square size, it will be shows as ellipse.
rounded-lg Specifies a larger border radius.
rounded-sm Specifies a smaller border radius.