Java versions overview

Java and JVM don't stay. Every version bring some improvement in performance, standard API and language syntax. Some features evolving from preview stage to standard.

Java 9

Some new features of Java 9:
  • new tool
  • private methods in interfaces
  • module system
  • try with resource improvement
  • reactive streams for developing asynchronous, scalable and parallel applications
  • HTTP 2 client
  • factory methods for immutable list, set, map and Map.Entry
  • CompletableFuture API improvements
  • Process API improvements
Java9 examples

Java 10

Some new features of Java 10:
  • the var keyword, for define variables

Java 11

Some new features of Java 11:
  • Oracle JDK would no longer be free for commercial use
  • support version 10.0 of the Unicode Standard
  • local-variable syntax for lambda parameters
  • standardizes the Http CLient API
  • implementation of the Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Java 14

Some new features of Java 14:
  • switch expressions