Formatting text

Using styles, you can achieve similar visual results, but elements can be used by search engines and other services.

code result
<b>bold text</b><br>
<i>italic text</i><br>
<u>underlined text</u><br>
<s>text is no longer relevant</s><br>
<del>deleted text</del><br>
<ins>inserted text</ins><br>
<mark>marked text</mark><br>
<small>small text</small><br>
<strong>important text</strong><br>
<em>emphasized text</em><br>
X<sub>i</sub> - subscript text<br>
2<sup>3</sup>=8 - superscript text</br>
bold text
italic text
underlined text
text is no longer relevant
deleted text
inserted text
marked text
small text
important text
emphasized text
Xi - subscript text
23=8 - superscript text