Overview TextView

A TextView ui element allows to display text.

xml attributes

attribute description
autoLink Controls whether links such as urls and email addresses are automatically found and converted to clickable links.
maxLines Specifies how many lines the TextView may have.
lines Makes the TextView be exactly this many lines tall.
text Text to display.
drawableXXX Properties to configure icons of TextView. Icons can be displayed at start and end of text, also above or below of text (drawableTop/drawableBottom).

LinkMovementMethod class allows you to add clickable links in text.

rootView.findViewById<AppCompatTextView>(R.id.txtContent)?.apply {

String can contain any supported schemes like http, tel, etc.

<string name="home_article_contact_marking_operator">
    <![CDATA[contact phone: <a href="tel:+998-78-000-00-00">+998-78-000-00-00</a>.]]>